Banking Interview with: Romley Stewart by: Rob Wallace: GLOSSA Channel…

What are Banks? And a Warning for the Debtor subject to the terms of: UNIDROIT, Roman Private Contract Law Codes.

Banks sit between the Surname and the Christian name and only deals in Military or company Scrip. (Internal Promissory Bank Notes)  Dollars are not money! … they are internal private banking notes.

“UNIDROIT” is the Rome Treaty. Gough Whitlam signed the government of AUSTRALIA over to Rome in 1973. (Without our knowledge?) United States of America also signed the UNITED STATES over to the UNIDROIT treaty of Rome in 1964. UNIDROIT is Rome. It is European corporate control over the “corporate” UNITED STATES and its subdivisions via the quasi foreign international banking systems.

Hidden Biblical Codes in a Corporate System:

The surname is the debtor, the tree of knowledge. The Christian name is the Creditor, tree of life. The STATE is the trustee of the Christian Name… The mention of the biblical codes may seem strange but the Bible sits in Courts, its there for a reason and such a reason is the definition of what the securities of the bank really are. Is Gold: “Gold” or is Gold “Dominion”? What is Dominion? … Well Dominion is the highest authority, it is identified in Article 1:26 of Genesis, it is the Authority over not just the land, (Mineral and Energy) it is the authority over the Land, the Sea and the Air, and the secret, being the thing that creeps up from below, being the SURNAME. (Latin meaning of Surname) The SURNAME, is the Account LEDGER of the State, being offered to you as a debt LEDGER… The legal meaning of Gold is not limited to just gold, gold is anything of value…

Before anyone attempts to not pay their Mortgage account, make sure your not the consenting holder of such a Mortgage, but what I mean by this is that you must make sure you didn’t unwittingly consent to act as the debtor-holder-trustee of such a Mortgage account, by unwittingly assuming that some ALL UPPERCASE DOG LATIN TEXT LIKE THIS, appearing on your contract was English, when it was not English text at all, but if you hold a driver license or any government account with any part of your surname appearing in ALL UPPERCASE TEXT DOG LATIN TEXT, identifying the date of birth of the SURNAME Ledger, being the born date, and not the Christian name account birthed on the registration date, than such a driver license or government account holder instrument can be used against you because by you holding such a license appearing in such a DOG LATIN TEXT, such a license becomes the evidence of your own acceptance that you have accepted to “act” as the LEDGER holder of such a mortgage, by accepting (Agreement) such an account LEDGER epithet dead account written text designation as your own property, you have agreed to their DOG-LATIN corruption fraud. You are the account holder of their bank mortgage. You must settle the debt.

I hold no accounts of the State… I hold no Epithet assumed as a SURNAME. I hold the name that was given to me in full, being the Christian Name only… There is nothing else. Names are not DOGGED into Symbols, a true name is Capitalized, and not symbolized into ALL UPPERCASE DOGGED TEXT.

Interview by Rob Wallace, Sydney: GLOSSA Channel.


The Enemy of the State, is the one who pleads “Not Guilty”. The deceptions of Water Law (Maritime) private contracting courts passing them selves off as real Governments… “Lieber Military Code”

Without Legal Title, the existence of Equitable Title may be hard to prove. Ones “Certificate Of Birth”, is the identification that the STATE is the Legal Title Holder, confirming your Equitable title standing, on the condition you know what Certificate you “choose” to stand under. There are two to choose from within the Corporate Governing system.

Explanation of DOG-LATIN, the Corruption in the text:

Interview by Rob Wallace: GLOSSA Channel, Youtube.


Don’t Shoot the Messenger:

Points relating to the 9/11 research:

Rob Wallace interview with Romley Stewart…

The Threats by Queensland Police (Australia) against: Romley Stewart, for the research into the DOG-LATIN corruption of the UNIDROIT-DOGS of society. Corporate Police are not Police, they are the foreign private banking enforcement offices of the foreign UNIDROIT Treaty, head office Rome, dealing with the Private Foreign Contracts operating under the “Justinian” (Deception) Corpus Juries Private Contracting System. 

At the close of this court hearing mentioned in this interview, no Charges were ever laid against the Christian Account, “ROMLEY STEWART”, D.O.B. Registration date. No signed court order existed, no signed court order ever appeared, Magistrate COMENS warned the Police that where he may not agree with the political stand I have taken in relation to the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, (Birth of the Christian Ledger-Account) and the Police my not agree with such a political stand, however, Magistrate: COMENS claimed that the Court had no ability to deny such a political stand. He went on to say that it takes people with courage to make a stand in order to keep our governments and police under control because the Court is only the umpire in a matter, it is not the director. The Magistrate did not sign anything however he did verbally mitigate all the Police false charges of weapon related “Stalking” against four officers that I had never met, away to nothing. The magistrate also buckled at the mention of the words: “Dog Latin” and “UNIDROIT”. The UN and the EU (NWO) operate under this DOG-LATIN fraud Justinian Deception.

The poison in the text is DOG-LATIN, the Latin of the illiterate persons. The ALL UPPERCASE TEXT is Not English, it is the Roman Empire, Babylonian: babel. A Written text that can be “assumed” but can never be lawfully read.  

The reason why Latin and Grammar have been removed from schools is to keep the masses illiterate in order that the Justinian Deception remains just that, a false impression of something that never was. The VATICAN, and ROME, throughout history, have suppressed knowledge in order to maintain its control over the masses as the serpent (Usurper). Knowledge has always been power.

The Pecking Order of the Gods:(G. O. D.: Grantor Of Dominion)

Be aware, never pass the stories relating to the Gods off as a joke or as crazy dream time stories that mean nothing. The stories of the Gods are secret codes that are deciphered by the “Elders” or the Elite, being those that are aware of the secret codes of the stories of such mentioned Gods. The Latin meaning of the word: “Latin” means, “hidden, concealed”. The stories of the Gods are codes, deciphered by the tools of grammar and such Latin meanings.

The Pecking Order: 

1: God of Existence, who created man: Without existence, there is nothing.

2: Man: Who created the debtor of man, being the VATICAN. (Beast of burden) Only “man” was granted Dominion Re: 1:26: Genesis. Not the VATICAN or the Corporate Person. The Legal title of Earth was granted to the VATICAN in order to confirm “man”. and not the Corporate Person, as the true first Equitable Title Holder.

3:VATICAN: Who created the debtor of the Vatican, being the Person-Dead Corporation, then handing Legal Title to the Corporate Person.

4: The Person: Who created the Corporate CITIZEN, being the debtor of the Person (Corporation) the holder-Trustee-Legal Title Holder, of the debtor Accounts of the VATICAN…

5: THE LEDGER: that deceived man into acting as the Ledger Holder, deceived from being the Christian into the Pagan (Pay-again) rendering man to change from man into the dead corporate person, subjecting such a man to BOW before his creator: being the VATICAN, and no longer serving the true God of Existence. Dead men have no rights. Deceived from the true God of Existence.

6: The Debtor, being “man” deceived into the hell world of the Debtor, the one who was deceived into holding the LEDGER of the VATICAN and not the Ledger of the true G. O. D. This is where man attached himself to the dead epithet of the debtor account of the VATICAN, being the SERPENT. If the VATICAN is the servant of man then how did man become the servant of the VATICAN? … The answer is the Justinian Deception, being the act of conferring the dead fictitious foreign accounts of the debtor of man on to the living man, giving the usurper the ability to assume the powers of God (Dominion) over living man via a deception. Remember, Dominion was only granted to living man, not to a Dead Corporation.

The greatest deception is to deceive the Pagan into assuming that such a Pagan is a Christian and giving such a deceived soul no ability to be saved by Christ in order that true man remains in purgatory as the debtor of Satan, the serpent, the Gods of the Underworld, until true existence has been extinguished. (Death of the body) The God of Existence did not create the Corporation Person, only the VATICAN created such a Corporate Person, so by being a Person, you have abandoned the true God of Existence and become the legally dead servant of the VATICAN, the Beast.

You became LOST AT SEA… never likely to return…


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