TERROR, Used to Enforce False Grammar on Government Documents.

Three court charges relating to “Driving Without a License” were left at large and I was released from the watch house and let go home, no charge for driving without a license. The reason why the charges were never followed up was because the Magistrate could not comment on the validity of such a Queensland Driver License, appearing with a so called name appearing in ALL UPPERCASE TEXT. Questions relating to such an all uppercase text left the Magistrate in a situation legally known as an “ESTOPPEL BY CONDUCT” where the Governing Corporation could not answer a question in fear of destroying itself.

The Queensland Police became so angry at losing in court, and then being subject to a damage account that they refused to pay, tried another line of terror, and charged me with Stalking Police, Firearm Charges, Terrorism charges and threatened my life and made threats against my daughters that if I didn’t comply with their authority, I would not know what hit me. I was bashed to the point of urinating blood, my daughters were charged with criminal offences however, the Magistrates dropped all charges, against my daughters, they had become aware of the Police threats. I was drugged in the Watch House before a Court Hearing, and when I finally got to Court charged with such terrible criminal charges, in the end, Magistrate Comens, refused to sign the Court Order, where the Police wanted a gag order on publishing the research relating to why the Queensland Driver License was assumed as VOID by the Courts.

Here is the Police Document that was handed to me but no one would comment on why the Magistrate refused to sign it, or explain why no registry number existed, or any persons name appeared. The Queensland Police are now admitting that police have the right to arrest a QUEENSLAND citizen without warrant. In relation to all the times I have been arrested, not one lawfully signed warrant was ever produced. After the Court Hearing relating to Stalking and firearms, I have received no fine, no court order, no bill, nothing. It just stopped.

Here is the charge sheet in all its mistakes. Just to remind the reader, no facebook post identified the address or phone contact of any Police Officer!, the comments made by other people on such posts related to the police Conduct in relation to the terrible behaviour of their own officers. I posted no threats against any officers and that was also determined in court by the Magistrate. The firearms were my grandfathers and ranged between 1920 and 1952 in age, never been fired for 40 years, and left to me after my father passed away a year ago. I have received no charge or fine.


Contains DOG-LATIN, all uppercase text, the Magistrate refused to confirm if the DOG-LATIN was proper English. The reason I pleaded guilty to all charges was because I could not see any charge written on the charge sheet appearing in proper English. Grammatically, the charge sheet, like the sheet above, was totally grammatically false.

No Registry Number,

No proper names appearing as proper nouns,

No identification or signature of Magistrate COMENS.

No signature of any authorizing member of the Police or the Court
There is no such address as “5 Shedian Street CAIRNS QLD 4870”
Even the street name was incorrect, the real street name is: “Sheridan” St., not “Shedian” St., spelt in such a way in order to create a totally false document that read nothing in any way.
And yet I was bashed by Queensland Police Officers to a point of urinating blood for two weeks, had my cars stolen by Police and never returned, locked in the watch house for many nights, my life and the safety of my family threatened by the Cairns CIB branch MCLEISH and arresting officers and prison guards, had my children threatened, threatened to have my head smashed against the wall by watch house guards, threatened with ten years imprisonment if I didn’t shut up or if I kept posting such information on “facebook” and advertised as the face of terror by Channel Seven and ABC news by Police and James Thomas, a journalist that is aware of the research relating to the Grammatical Deception and the False ABN’s of the Queensland Justice Department….  This document is what I received from all that I have suffered in order to expose the “grammatical” truth about the foreign  Courts, the Police and the Government running Queensland and Australia under a grammatical deception today. The Queensland Driver License (And all State Foreign Corporate Licenses) is the most dangerous document you can hold that destroys your lawful standing as a true Queenslander and Australian. It identifies you as a foreign debtor company deriving from the District of Columbia UNITED STATES. Washington DC. Administered by UNIDROIT Rome. Queensland Police have become nothing more than foreign Terrorists enforcing a foreign private fraudulent contract upon the sovereignty of Queensland.  Keep in mind that before I was subject to this attack from the Queensland Police and the Queensland Government, I had no criminal record, not even a drink driving charge.



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