SLAVERY or Servitude by consent?

Rohan Lorian discusses the birth certificate and how one has become subject to the Masters of Slavery by ones own consent. A military Account is servitude, to serve, and to serve is simply slavery and if you agree to be a “Mr, or a Miss, being military appointments, you are claiming by your own consent, to be in a military servitude standing, however, if such a servant was deceived into such a standing without his/her knowledge, was it consent or was it a deception, being a fraud? Once a man agrees to be the SLAVE, he loses all rights and legally becomes dead, handing all his equitable rights over to the master, being the one that offered such a man the right to be a SLAVE. Modern day slavery is confirmed by the “Legal Title Holder” rendering and confirming an act of legally agreed servitude. The grantor of such a legal title of property becomes the master of such a title and the equitable owner of such property and the one accepting such a legal title becomes the “holder” (A holder is a trustee) of such a legal title. (Split title is divide and conquer) If the holder (Legal title holder) wants to hold the Equity as well, he must apply (Beg) for a license and if the master grants such a license, such a legal title holder also gets to hold the equity (Rights to the property), however, at any time, the master may have a clause whereas the master can revoke the license, rendering the equity to be legally and lawfully ceased (Returned) by the master, leaving the servant SLAVE to cover the legal expense as well as lose his right to the property he assumed that he owned. Such property (Equity) was never owned by the legal title holder.

The master of a “subdivision entity” may also be a SLAVE to a greater master such as the Vatican and the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is the master to its subdivision entities such as Government departments, however, remains as the SLAVE to the VATICAN, where as the VATICAN is the Master of the Roman Empire, it is the SLAVE of “man”. Christ is the attorney between man and the VATICAN and without Christ, man may not be served by the Beast VATICAN. Christ may very well be the Vatican because Christ died for man, the VATICAN is the DEAD SLAVE SERVANT of man but if you hold any form of account, even a driver license, that renders your own standing as a SLAVE of the Roman Empire, and you are many degrees in death, lower than living man. You can not be man if you hold any account or privilege or legal title in any way or form, however, if you hold no legal title, your hold absolute equity (Authority) over all of the property of the VATICAN, as strange as this may seem.

This is how people lose their cars, homes, land etc. The act of “registration” gives such property (Equity) to the foreign Roman Empire in order that such an empire can offer you legal title for such property you “registered” with them, however, the roman Empire, disguised and passed itself off as your true lawful common law government, when in fact, the trick was right under your nose. “UNITED STATES” is not “United States”, and “AUSTRALIA” is not “Australia” … A simple grammatical trick to deceive the plebs into becoming the dogs of the higher grammatically educated society.

The act of being a SLAVE is dangerous if your master is dangerous because the SLAVE is totally at the whim of his/her master so if you don’t know who your master is, than you may be in for a dangerous ride into the legal depths of hell.


The other great danger for the Roman Empire, are the Goon Dogs, being the Roman Empire Military Police, that proceed with an action against the master via stupidity and ignorance of their own codes. This is identified when a Police Officer forces a charge against a military account that can not be properly confirmed. The Police Officer that serves the foreign Roman Empire, (State Police) being a corporation with its name rendered in DOG-LATIN, (UNITED STATES or AUSTRALIA or CANADA etc.) that fails to back down when all protocol expires in relation to securing the correct identification of its relating military accounts within the society such a police officer serves. Such protocols (Statutes) are their to protect the SERVANT from the Master because when the SERVANT turns on the Master, the SERVANT has no ability to defend and becomes subject to the will of the master. This is why the Magistrate (Master) in the Roman Empire Courts, holds the final say against the Goon Dog Officer, being anyone identified as a citizen of such a military society such as a citizen of the UNITED STATES, or its subdivisions such as AUSTRALIA or CANADA etc. The Master, being the Magistrate of their Court (Tribunal) serves his master, being the grantor of equity, who is really you, but only if you remain in the standing of the master and did not fall for the trick, being the grammatical deception that has deceived the peoples of nation after nation after nation over thousands of years.

pic 102

The masters of Australia and the United States of America and all other Western countries are not from such countries, they are the foreign corporate entities subject to the Vatican, the Roman Empire, they are the serpents from the sea, international maritime law. The official language of the VATICAN is “Ancient Latin” found on the High Court in Washington, (Notice the mark between each all uppercase text [Word] or more correctly identified as a SIGN or SYMBOL) The Roman Empire official language is Babylonian, being “DOG-LATIN” being Latin text operating under the grammatical rules of English Text. Its also called “Debased Latin” being identified as criminal and immoral under the English Dictionaries. Those whom hold the military accounts of the Roman Empire, identified by the DOG-LATIN text, are the true Goon Dogs of Society, they are the ones that have left their own countrymen in order to serve the foreign state against their own countrymen and such a standing, if operated out side the relating uniform military codes of engagement, can incur serious charges relating to treason against such a military account holder.


Take notice, (US High Court) the mark between the signs (Latin text)  This is the Vatican Ancient Latin Text, (Official language of the Vatican), where as the Roman Empire operates in DOG-LATIN Text, (Babylonian) being Latin ALL UPPERCASE TEXT “without” the hyphen between the signs. Dog Latin is the text language of Babylon, it is not Latin or English, it is the presumption of law, it is the assumed contract that doesn’t really exist, it is void from the beginning, it is an agreement only and such agreements are only agreed by the two parties that agree that such a debased text is valid, however, without agreement, it is nothing, its a fiction but remains subject to real English and may even be subject to Ancient Latin. Be warned, If an agreement has been reached via ignorance of your own ability to read the difference between such text, such ignorance can not save you from such an agreement. Ignorance is no defence. The three languages such as: ANCIENT-LATIN, and Babylonian: DOG LATIN and Common Law English, sets in place the hierarchy of the trinity, the master, the servant and the slave. The Grantor, the Vessel and the Vassal and where you stand my very well depend on your own ability to know the difference between three very separate languages, even though they appear as so very similar on paper.




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