Rohan Lorian: Queensland Police Fraud:

Queensland Police, violating the “Uniform Military Code”, by forcing a Christian into standing as the State owned SURNAME being the “Roman” military account: “Debtor of the State” by Terrorism, Threats and Violence. Threats were also made against Rohan’s liberty, even violating the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, Articles. This video gives a true account of the ignorant conduct of State Police in Australia and more than likely, it is probably an example of how all UNIDROIT officers conduct their affairs against all corporate citizens of registered companies registered to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION: WASHINGTON DC: District of Columbia.

The officer that threatened Rohan Lorian for “Stalking” in the later part of this video (MCLEISH) is the same officer that charged: “Romley Stewart”, for stalking four police officers that also entered Romley’s home without any arrest warrants. Romley suffered many nights in the watch-house, suffered a beating so bad that he was urinating blood for over two weeks, also drugged in the Watch house before appearing in their court, he suffered the loss of four cars, even though all paperwork that identified the legal title of such automobiles to be with the State, the police ignored all paperwork, ignored all notices and when the Magistrates could not uphold police charges because the Police did not follow proper police protocol, such police resorted to Threats of violence, death threats, threats of imprisonment and unlawful imprisonment, threats to other members of Romley’s family and false charges leading to many nights spent in the prison cells waiting for court hearings without any proper lawfully signed paper.

This video is real footage of such an account relating to Rohan Lorian.

Notes on the GLOSSA, being the ALL UPPERCASE TEXT appearing on/in Court, police, banking and Government Documents:

It has also come to our attention since this video was published, that the corruption in the GLOSSA, is not the GLOSSA itself, even though the GLOSSA has no jurisdiction with the English text appearing on such a document housing both languages, it has been discovered that the poisonous text is now know as the criminal and immoral debased Latin identified as: DOG-LATIN: (Blacks Law Dictionary, 4th Edition). The GLOSSA identified in Article 11:147, of the Chicago Manual of Styles, is the proper hyphenated all uppercase text operating under the grammatical rules of Latin. The DOG-LATIN is Latin that operates under the grammatical rules of English, rendering it as a corruption of both English and Latin. It is also know as Babylonian and it was the language of the Roman Empire, being the debtor-servant of the Vatican.

You will notice that the Governments of the foreign VATICAN violently enforces Driver Licenses, Passports, Bank cards, banking accounts, and all your “so called” identification instruments to the States, rendered in the criminal  DOG-LATIN, in order to destroy your standing with the true God (Genesis: 1: 26) and such a declension forced upon you has destroyed your ability to claim any form of human rights or common law rights, as displayed in this video. You become subjected to the mercy of the foreign UNIDROIT Officers of the Roman Empire owned STATE, (Treaty of Rome) subject to the private contracts of privately owned corporate banking governments such as the UNITED STATES and its “Western”subdivisions such as AUSTRALIA and CANADA etc.

All corporate citizens have no rights! and in Queensland, such evidence is also found in Article 3 (a) & (b) of the corporate QUEENSLAND Constitution. A QUEENSLAND Person has no rights. State citizens have no rights! Grammatically: “QUEENSLAND” is not “Queensland” and any citizen of “QUEENSLAND” is no longer a “Queenslander” and that is how the grammatical deception works.




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