What Is The: Proclamation Date!

In Australia, and this could be other parts of the western world as well, all acts and laws passed in parliament are subject to the proclamation date being signed by the sovereign head of state, but in Australia, there is no sovereign head of state after the Queen left Australia in 1901. Australians, for some unknown reason, failed to establish a sovereign head of state so the Queens Corporations offered itself to every Australian in order to act as an “administrator” until some time in the future when Australia becomes able to elect a sovereign head of state in order to serve the “will” of the birth right people of Australia… Most Australians are unaware of this fact…

In the mean time, the existing Registrar Generals of each Australian State offered each Australian the right to serve as a “Citizen” of her debtor administrative Corporation rendering each and every Australian that accepted a “STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE” the right to act as Trustee of the Queens administrative foreign corporation.

The problem with this situation is that once we agree to act as trustee for her foreign governing corporations, we are no longer deemed existing as the original birth right Australian people, in stead, we become assumed as “AUSTRALIANS” (As the LEDGER of Australia) and not “Australians”. We become the holder of the accounts of the Queen or who ever administers her debtor companies, rendering us as holder or trustee, and not as a beneficiary of such an entity. Once we accept to act as the Legal Title Holder of her corporate instruments, such an act of accepting her Legal Titles, renders our “sole’s” (Equitable Title) to our own land, as her property because we changed our own legal standing in order to serve the foreign Queen as her “Legal Title Holders” and no longer assumed as the “Equitable Title holder”… We surrendered our “sole’s” or footprint to our own lands, just like Adam was deceived out of the Garden of Eden by accepting the fruit of the house of the debtor. (Tree of Knowledge) and not eating from the tree of life.

Here is a story of a young Australian man asking a question in relation to how the Queens foreign banking corporations assumed authority over the people of Australia. This explains just what the proclamation date is and this may also be happening to the people of the United States of America and other countries subject to the foreign UNITED NATIONS and its UNIDROIT private Roman law control.


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