“Quasi” Bible of the: New World Order


The grammatical deception extension into the very Bibles themselves is an unbelievable act of treachery.

1  Questions relating to why debased text appears in the King James Bible that sits in the so called Courts. Has such a Bible been corrupted in order that a Quasi Legal Governing System has been able to usurp itself into our governing system and their Courts without us becoming aware of such a fraud? This talk (Attachment below) raises some questions of awareness in relation to the DOG-LATIN marginal text appearing within the context of the King James Bible:

2  In 2008, I was involved in a matter relating to “Driving without a License” however, I was asking what kind of text was used that rendered my name in ALL CAP’S TEXT LIKE THIS. In relation to: Magistrate Pinder, of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, in his opening address to the Court, he claimed that the charge was a “Quasi Criminal Charge” arousing questions in relation why the word “quasi” was used. When I questioned why he used the term “quasi criminal” he started offering to drop all charges for driving without a license if I just accepted the “name” appearing on the Driver License in its current form…

3  After many years of research in order to find what ALL UPPERCASE TEXT REALLY IS, it now appears that the all cap’s text is a foreign form of “Sign Language” Re: Article 11:147 of the Chicago Manual of Styles, sixteenth edition. Debased Latin Text.

4  It appears that the all cap’s foreign sign language is in fact a “debased” form of Latin Text, being, Latin all uppercase text (Symbolic Text) that should follow the grammatical rules of Latin but is constructed on “quasi” government documents following the grammatical rules of English and not as it should be following the grammatical rules of Latin. The English styles manuals have no reference to all uppercase text appart from rendering an “actor” in a play and according to the Webster’s Dictionary, such a written all uppercase text is deemed to be a “debased” form of text, rendering it as “Criminal” and “Immoral”

5  According to the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th edition, such all uppercase text that follows the grammatical rules of English and not Latin, is identified as: “DOG-LATIN”, being the Latin for the illiterate. Proper SIGN-LANGUAGE must be hyphenated between signs (Words) if such signs are to be constructed into a sentence appearing in sign language. Without the Hyphens between the signs, the words (Signs) become a jumble of disconnected signs. (Anarchy)

6  This grammatical scam used by the UNITED NATIONS and the Vatican controlled “Persons” and “corporations” that are really the same thing, has not only corrupted their legal government and banking and court documents, it may be assumed that it has extended its corruption into the King James version of the Bible that sits in their courts as well. Such bibles have also been rendered into a “quasi” form of the original bible by extending the Marginal GLOSSA’s into the content text, by corrupting words within the context such as “LORD” and also corrupting the first one or two words of each paragraph by changing such words into a glossed form (Symbolic text). This grammatically removes such glossed words from the original text, even though the unsuspecting grammatical ignorant can still see the words, such words are no longer grammatically appearing within such a body of text.

6B  A clever illusion…(Image below): The symbolised “LORD” grammatically rendered into “ORD” meaning: Governance, blends into the proper nouns so perfectly without arousing suspicion by the unsuspecting grammatically ignorant masses, causing them to fall into the trap of the underworld LEDGERS of the DEAD… This really is the “JOKER” in the system, the deception that renders a document as immaterial as it passes through passage but is “assumed” as fact, when in reality, nothing exists… Image below is the King James version that sits in their “quasi” courts. Remember what Christ said, “You must know how to read the signs” because when you can read the signs, you know the trap…


7  This is a deep grammatical deception that even extends further by rendering the LORD into all uppercase symbolic text as well, however, they have taken the corruption a step further by placing a greater font size “L” on the LORD, grammatically removing the “L” from the LORD leaving: “ORD” being the symbol for “ordinance” and grammatically replacing the God of Moses for the Government of the day…. Does this mean that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and its Private Banking Elite have rendered themselves as the GOD of the Bible? …

7B  Doing such a thing may invoke the warnings in the back of such bibles in relation to taking anything away or adding anything to such a Bible… The will come to a crashing end.


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