“Quasi” Bible of the: New World Order


The grammatical deception extension into the very Bibles themselves is an unbelievable act of treachery.

1  Questions relating to why debased text appears in the King James Bible that sits in the so called Courts. Has such a Bible been corrupted in order that a Quasi Legal Governing System has been able to usurp itself into our governing system and their Courts without us becoming aware of such a fraud? This talk (Attachment below) raises some questions of awareness in relation to the DOG-LATIN marginal text appearing within the context of the King James Bible:

2  In 2008, I was involved in a matter relating to “Driving without a License” however, I was asking what kind of text was used that rendered my name in ALL CAP’S TEXT LIKE THIS. In relation to: Magistrate Pinder, of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, in his opening address to the Court, he claimed that the charge was a “Quasi Criminal Charge” arousing questions in relation why the word “quasi” was used. When I questioned why he used the term “quasi criminal” he started offering to drop all charges for driving without a license if I just accepted the “name” appearing on the Driver License in its current form…

3  After many years of research in order to find what ALL UPPERCASE TEXT REALLY IS, it now appears that the all cap’s text is a foreign form of “Sign Language” Re: Article 11:147 of the Chicago Manual of Styles, sixteenth edition. Debased Latin Text.

4  It appears that the all cap’s foreign sign language is in fact a “debased” form of Latin Text, being, Latin all uppercase text (Symbolic Text) that should follow the grammatical rules of Latin but is constructed on “quasi” government documents following the grammatical rules of English and not as it should be following the grammatical rules of Latin. The English styles manuals have no reference to all uppercase text appart from rendering an “actor” in a play and according to the Webster’s Dictionary, such a written all uppercase text is deemed to be a “debased” form of text, rendering it as “Criminal” and “Immoral”

5  According to the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th edition, such all uppercase text that follows the grammatical rules of English and not Latin, is identified as: “DOG-LATIN”, being the Latin for the illiterate. Proper SIGN-LANGUAGE must be hyphenated between signs (Words) if such signs are to be constructed into a sentence appearing in sign language. Without the Hyphens between the signs, the words (Signs) become a jumble of disconnected signs. (Anarchy)

6  This grammatical scam used by the UNITED NATIONS and the Vatican controlled “Persons” and “corporations” that are really the same thing, has not only corrupted their legal government and banking and court documents, it may be assumed that it has extended its corruption into the King James version of the Bible that sits in their courts as well. Such bibles have also been rendered into a “quasi” form of the original bible by extending the Marginal GLOSSA’s into the content text, by corrupting words within the context such as “LORD” and also corrupting the first one or two words of each paragraph by changing such words into a glossed form (Symbolic text). This grammatically removes such glossed words from the original text, even though the unsuspecting grammatical ignorant can still see the words, such words are no longer grammatically appearing within such a body of text.

6B  A clever illusion…(Image below): The symbolised “LORD” grammatically rendered into “ORD” meaning: Governance, blends into the proper nouns so perfectly without arousing suspicion by the unsuspecting grammatically ignorant masses, causing them to fall into the trap of the underworld LEDGERS of the DEAD… This really is the “JOKER” in the system, the deception that renders a document as immaterial as it passes through passage but is “assumed” as fact, when in reality, nothing exists… Image below is the King James version that sits in their “quasi” courts. Remember what Christ said, “You must know how to read the signs” because when you can read the signs, you know the trap…


7  This is a deep grammatical deception that even extends further by rendering the LORD into all uppercase symbolic text as well, however, they have taken the corruption a step further by placing a greater font size “L” on the LORD, grammatically removing the “L” from the LORD leaving: “ORD” being the symbol for “ordinance” and grammatically replacing the God of Moses for the Government of the day…. Does this mean that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and its Private Banking Elite have rendered themselves as the GOD of the Bible? …

7B  Doing such a thing may invoke the warnings in the back of such bibles in relation to taking anything away or adding anything to such a Bible… The will come to a crashing end.



What Is The: Proclamation Date!

In Australia, and this could be other parts of the western world as well, all acts and laws passed in parliament are subject to the proclamation date being signed by the sovereign head of state, but in Australia, there is no sovereign head of state after the Queen left Australia in 1901. Australians, for some unknown reason, failed to establish a sovereign head of state so the Queens Corporations offered itself to every Australian in order to act as an “administrator” until some time in the future when Australia becomes able to elect a sovereign head of state in order to serve the “will” of the birth right people of Australia… Most Australians are unaware of this fact…

In the mean time, the existing Registrar Generals of each Australian State offered each Australian the right to serve as a “Citizen” of her debtor administrative Corporation rendering each and every Australian that accepted a “STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE” the right to act as Trustee of the Queens administrative foreign corporation.

The problem with this situation is that once we agree to act as trustee for her foreign governing corporations, we are no longer deemed existing as the original birth right Australian people, in stead, we become assumed as “AUSTRALIANS” (As the LEDGER of Australia) and not “Australians”. We become the holder of the accounts of the Queen or who ever administers her debtor companies, rendering us as holder or trustee, and not as a beneficiary of such an entity. Once we accept to act as the Legal Title Holder of her corporate instruments, such an act of accepting her Legal Titles, renders our “sole’s” (Equitable Title) to our own land, as her property because we changed our own legal standing in order to serve the foreign Queen as her “Legal Title Holders” and no longer assumed as the “Equitable Title holder”… We surrendered our “sole’s” or footprint to our own lands, just like Adam was deceived out of the Garden of Eden by accepting the fruit of the house of the debtor. (Tree of Knowledge) and not eating from the tree of life.

Here is a story of a young Australian man asking a question in relation to how the Queens foreign banking corporations assumed authority over the people of Australia. This explains just what the proclamation date is and this may also be happening to the people of the United States of America and other countries subject to the foreign UNITED NATIONS and its UNIDROIT private Roman law control.



A new YouTube discussion on the illusions of power, banking, the Dollar and Money, the remedy in relation to dealing with articles that arrive in the mail, the concept of private foreign banks acting as administrators of de-jure lands and even the relationship relating to how the Bible fits into the picture.


Is the “COMIC” the “JOKER” that usurps the corruption into the text as it passes through passage?

Witty Text??? PDF below:
Here is an interesting book dealing with the art of comic writing, being a language of illustration, signs, boxes and presumptions in order to tell a story in Comic form. (Picture form)
The “JOKER” in the Blacks Law Dictionary, plays an important roll in deceiving the public but such a book never really explains what the “JOKER” is, it more deals with the effect of such a “joker” appearing within a document as it passes through passage but does it identify what the JOKER really is, how can we find one? maybe it comes in different forms?
The rules of COMIC writing may give an in depth view into just what the JOKER is in relation to government and courts. The Joker really is the serpent that usurps itself into the document without being detected, (Reference Blacks Law Dictionary 4th edition “JOKER”) the very synonym of “comic” is “joker” so could this mean that the language of “comics” (Illustrative text) being usurped into government documents and court documents, such as driver licenses and the such, are really nothing more than a “joke” being played upon the public? …
We always find illustrative text that “LOOKS LIKE THIS” in comics, so if we look at the rules and discussions relating to the grammatical standing of “comics”, that do largely deal with storytelling in a “picture” form, being a totally separate language to proper descriptive English, one may learn a few tricks played by such comic writers that have used such an illustrative language to tell their story, in a foreign language, with great effect! …
remember ourselves when we were children, we LOVED THE COMICS! …. But!!! …were we being programed from such a young age to “assume” that the “comic” was a part of every day English when in fact, it was a very scientific illustrative grammatical “system” totally alien to proper English! …
So this link may be an interesting bit of knowledge to have a look at, it deals with the grammatical science behind the “comic” or should we say: “The JOKER” …

Rohan Loran, DOG-LATIN Corruption in the: King James Bible

Deeper research into the King James Corporate DOG-LATIN Bible.

Deeper grammatical research has raised questions in relation to the DOG-LATIN, corrupt “GLOSSA” Text appearing in the King James Bible, being the Bible appearing in Corporate Courts. (Military tribunals). It has been confirmed that all uppercase text is no part of the English language. (Marginal Text) Usually the first and sometimes the second word at the beginning of every paragraph of the King James bible is Glossed in the Latin all uppercase text, however, the word (Sign): “Lord” has been glossed into a different style where the first letter “L” is of a larger font size from the other three glossed letters: “ORD”.

In grammatical terms, the GLOSSA (All uppercase Latin Text) has been removed from the text but the “thing” appearing as: “LORD”, glossed with the first letter “L” appearing at an even greater font size, is grammatically a removal of the word “Lord” from both the proper text and from the standard DOG-LATIN Text, appearing with in the King James Bible. “Yahweh”, in relation to the: “The Jerusalem Bible”, in not GLOSSED into marginal foreign text. The foreign GLOSSAS appear where they should, within the Margins.

There is also a strange concern with the “ORD” left separated from the “L” in the word (Sign) “LORD” rendering the “ORD” appearing, and in English, “Ord.” is an abbreviation for words relating to Order, and Ordain and the such, relating to Government. In relation to such an impression appearing as: “ORD” (Being LORD with a greater font size first letter) does this mean that if the real word: “Lord” or “Yahweh” has been replaced by “ORD” being the Government? … Has the true God of Moses, and Christ, been secretly replaced by “Government” meaning, if one swears under the oath of a corrupt bible where Government has been replaced by “God”, would such an act of swearing on a false bible destroy your God given rights? …

Both Lord and Yahweh means: “master” in relation to Latin, so has Government become the new “Master” of the Corporate Kings James Bible by secrecy and stealth?

The very last few words in Revelations, warns about the loss of the right to the “Tree of Life” (Dominion) being a curse if you remove anything from the Bible, so if a word is grammatically removed, even though the presumption leaves all words to be “presumed” to be in tact, could this be just another amazing deception by SATAN, in order to destroy a mans God given right over his dominion, even stooping so low as to grammatically destroy a Bible.

Here is an interesting talk with our wonderful friends in England, by Rohan Lorian, discussing more grammatical questions in relation to the validity of our corporate governments…  

Bob Katter Speech…

This speech by: Bob Katter, is an interesting reality of how the balancing of trade really works. It could be said that free trade benefits the countries, or should I say their “corporations” that have screwed their people the most, the lowest wages, the lowest rights, giving such a State Corporate Government the ability to compete on a world free market at the expense of such corporate government citizens. The corporation will win while its citizens (Trustee Slaves) will lose.

Love Bob Katter or hate him, this clip is a lesson in how things may turn out in the future. The destruction of manufacturing in Australia is a destruction of wealth, jobs, local business, and can lead to the destruction of society as it stands. Without industry, governments and military then also become losers because they are funded by such industry, and what happens when it all starts to crumble, in come the world corporate banks to plunder what is left, with their fraud and deceptions…


The Destruction of the Nightclub Industry in Queensland and Australia. Re: “Queensland Lockout Laws” by the Criminal Queensland Corporate Private Foreign Government. (Treason)


The Destruction of the Nightclub Industry is the destruction of the Music and Entertainment Industry and a real loss for the Music Exporting Industry of Australia:
In the past, Nightclubs catered for the people it served, they provided a safe drinking environment, they provided security, they provide entertainment, a controlled place for people to drink, have a good time and “vent” a week of serving the society (Slave-Work). Nightclubs have always been an important part of society for people to “escape” the drudges of life, boring jobs that have to be done, and the good people that do such work for the community need respect and a place to vent and feel safe, and good nightclubs provide such an environment without Government intervention.
The only real enemy of the people having a great time venting the week of slavery, is the government itself, and when the government start bringing “Lockout Laws”, it is just the government causing situations of “conflict” in order to “charge” and “tax” the poor worker even more than his fair share of effort for society. Lockout Laws and early finish laws on night clubs are dangerous to society.
The government, by its destructive lockout laws, places the club goer into a conflicting situation with out of control Government Police Thugs, hell bent on causing conflict in order to charge and victimize people that have already served their governments all week and simply want a place to escape Corporate Foreign Controlled society for a few hours a week. (Even Christ was critical of the sick over control system of Rome)
The thriving Night Club Industry, in itself, is also an important industry because not only does it provide a safe place for the “venting” servants of society, it also provides work for people, it also serves a massive tourism industry, and most importantly, but not recognized by many, it provides a venue for the craft of “music” and “entertainment”, it is the stomping ground for a massive music exporting industry, generating incredible wealth for Australia and local music of Australia. Without a strong music venue industry, where music performers and writers are granted and even paid to practice their craft of music, entertainment and song writing and exporting such talent, such a vibrant music industry itself suffers, music export suffers, and the government wins again by destroying the goose that lays the golden egg because foreign government serves the interest of a foreign beneficiary, by destroying its competing countries. All Australian governments are foreign owned companies! they are not Australian governments!
All great Australian bands and entertainers and record companies owe their wonderful success to the nightclub, hotel and entertainment industry, for providing the stomping ground in order to refine their craft and their product and their talent. Bad governments such as Australia and Queensland governments, destroy such opportunities for the musically talented people of Australia by destroying the very system that supports their craft. Lockout laws are a government con in order to rape the community even more than what they are doing at present.
Governments have become nothing more than a poisons cattle tick on society, dreaming up ways to inflict “conflict” on its servants in order to further destroy the will of people.
You don’t have to be a fool to see the destruction of the Australian Industry sector from Whitlam to now, after signing the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome in 1973. No wonder the VATICAN is full of Gold, it is the GOLD of the people taken from them by such a foreign treaty, handing the administration of our country to such dogs of society that are raping and destroying the people of Australia.
In reality, Australians and Queenslanders must become aware of and re-think the type of government we now have after “Whitlam” sold Australia out to the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, in 1973, handing all administration over to the control of the foreign VATICAN debtors, such as the UNITED STATES corporations and its UN international Monetary System. While Australians are subject to a government that is registered to a Foreign State, we will never be free to prosper. Every person serving the government is serving a foreign corporate entity, and no matter how much they try to correct the situation, the foreign owner’s (Private Banks) of such a governments will only have their own interest at hand, at the expense of the wealth of the Australian and Queensland people.
It is treason to serve a foreign entity against the people of a country. Treason is a serious crime.
Those who serve the Queensland and Australian foreign governments registered to such a foreign state/district, should start being very careful of where they stand when the greater public become aware of the truth of what Whitlam signed Australia over to in 1973 and who such foreign corporate government servants, serve.