Is the “COMIC” the “JOKER” that usurps the corruption into the text as it passes through passage?

Witty Text??? PDF below:
Here is an interesting book dealing with the art of comic writing, being a language of illustration, signs, boxes and presumptions in order to tell a story in Comic form. (Picture form)
The “JOKER” in the Blacks Law Dictionary, plays an important roll in deceiving the public but such a book never really explains what the “JOKER” is, it more deals with the effect of such a “joker” appearing within a document as it passes through passage but does it identify what the JOKER really is, how can we find one? maybe it comes in different forms?
The rules of COMIC writing may give an in depth view into just what the JOKER is in relation to government and courts. The Joker really is the serpent that usurps itself into the document without being detected, (Reference Blacks Law Dictionary 4th edition “JOKER”) the very synonym of “comic” is “joker” so could this mean that the language of “comics” (Illustrative text) being usurped into government documents and court documents, such as driver licenses and the such, are really nothing more than a “joke” being played upon the public? …
We always find illustrative text that “LOOKS LIKE THIS” in comics, so if we look at the rules and discussions relating to the grammatical standing of “comics”, that do largely deal with storytelling in a “picture” form, being a totally separate language to proper descriptive English, one may learn a few tricks played by such comic writers that have used such an illustrative language to tell their story, in a foreign language, with great effect! …
remember ourselves when we were children, we LOVED THE COMICS! …. But!!! …were we being programed from such a young age to “assume” that the “comic” was a part of every day English when in fact, it was a very scientific illustrative grammatical “system” totally alien to proper English! …
So this link may be an interesting bit of knowledge to have a look at, it deals with the grammatical science behind the “comic” or should we say: “The JOKER” …

Rohan Loran, DOG-LATIN Corruption in the: King James Bible

Deeper research into the King James Corporate DOG-LATIN Bible.

Deeper grammatical research has raised questions in relation to the DOG-LATIN, corrupt “GLOSSA” Text appearing in the King James Bible, being the Bible appearing in Corporate Courts. (Military tribunals). It has been confirmed that all uppercase text is no part of the English language. (Marginal Text) Usually the first and sometimes the second word at the beginning of every paragraph of the King James bible is Glossed in the Latin all uppercase text, however, the word (Sign): “Lord” has been glossed into a different style where the first letter “L” is of a larger font size from the other three glossed letters: “ORD”.

In grammatical terms, the GLOSSA (All uppercase Latin Text) has been removed from the text but the “thing” appearing as: “LORD”, glossed with the first letter “L” appearing at an even greater font size, is grammatically a removal of the word “Lord” from both the proper text and from the standard DOG-LATIN Text, appearing with in the King James Bible. “Yahweh”, in relation to the: “The Jerusalem Bible”, in not GLOSSED into marginal foreign text. The foreign GLOSSAS appear where they should, within the Margins.

There is also a strange concern with the “ORD” left separated from the “L” in the word (Sign) “LORD” rendering the “ORD” appearing, and in English, “Ord.” is an abbreviation for words relating to Order, and Ordain and the such, relating to Government. In relation to such an impression appearing as: “ORD” (Being LORD with a greater font size first letter) does this mean that if the real word: “Lord” or “Yahweh” has been replaced by “ORD” being the Government? … Has the true God of Moses, and Christ, been secretly replaced by “Government” meaning, if one swears under the oath of a corrupt bible where Government has been replaced by “God”, would such an act of swearing on a false bible destroy your God given rights? …

Both Lord and Yahweh means: “master” in relation to Latin, so has Government become the new “Master” of the Corporate Kings James Bible by secrecy and stealth?

The very last few words in Revelations, warns about the loss of the right to the “Tree of Life” (Dominion) being a curse if you remove anything from the Bible, so if a word is grammatically removed, even though the presumption leaves all words to be “presumed” to be in tact, could this be just another amazing deception by SATAN, in order to destroy a mans God given right over his dominion, even stooping so low as to grammatically destroy a Bible.

Here is an interesting talk with our wonderful friends in England, by Rohan Lorian, discussing more grammatical questions in relation to the validity of our corporate governments…  

Bob Katter Speech…

This speech by: Bob Katter, is an interesting reality of how the balancing of trade really works. It could be said that free trade benefits the countries, or should I say their “corporations” that have screwed their people the most, the lowest wages, the lowest rights, giving such a State Corporate Government the ability to compete on a world free market at the expense of such corporate government citizens. The corporation will win while its citizens (Trustee Slaves) will lose.

Love Bob Katter or hate him, this clip is a lesson in how things may turn out in the future. The destruction of manufacturing in Australia is a destruction of wealth, jobs, local business, and can lead to the destruction of society as it stands. Without industry, governments and military then also become losers because they are funded by such industry, and what happens when it all starts to crumble, in come the world corporate banks to plunder what is left, with their fraud and deceptions…


The Destruction of the Nightclub Industry in Queensland and Australia. Re: “Queensland Lockout Laws” by the Criminal Queensland Corporate Private Foreign Government. (Treason)


The Destruction of the Nightclub Industry is the destruction of the Music and Entertainment Industry and a real loss for the Music Exporting Industry of Australia:
In the past, Nightclubs catered for the people it served, they provided a safe drinking environment, they provided security, they provide entertainment, a controlled place for people to drink, have a good time and “vent” a week of serving the society (Slave-Work). Nightclubs have always been an important part of society for people to “escape” the drudges of life, boring jobs that have to be done, and the good people that do such work for the community need respect and a place to vent and feel safe, and good nightclubs provide such an environment without Government intervention.
The only real enemy of the people having a great time venting the week of slavery, is the government itself, and when the government start bringing “Lockout Laws”, it is just the government causing situations of “conflict” in order to “charge” and “tax” the poor worker even more than his fair share of effort for society. Lockout Laws and early finish laws on night clubs are dangerous to society.
The government, by its destructive lockout laws, places the club goer into a conflicting situation with out of control Government Police Thugs, hell bent on causing conflict in order to charge and victimize people that have already served their governments all week and simply want a place to escape Corporate Foreign Controlled society for a few hours a week. (Even Christ was critical of the sick over control system of Rome)
The thriving Night Club Industry, in itself, is also an important industry because not only does it provide a safe place for the “venting” servants of society, it also provides work for people, it also serves a massive tourism industry, and most importantly, but not recognized by many, it provides a venue for the craft of “music” and “entertainment”, it is the stomping ground for a massive music exporting industry, generating incredible wealth for Australia and local music of Australia. Without a strong music venue industry, where music performers and writers are granted and even paid to practice their craft of music, entertainment and song writing and exporting such talent, such a vibrant music industry itself suffers, music export suffers, and the government wins again by destroying the goose that lays the golden egg because foreign government serves the interest of a foreign beneficiary, by destroying its competing countries. All Australian governments are foreign owned companies! they are not Australian governments!
All great Australian bands and entertainers and record companies owe their wonderful success to the nightclub, hotel and entertainment industry, for providing the stomping ground in order to refine their craft and their product and their talent. Bad governments such as Australia and Queensland governments, destroy such opportunities for the musically talented people of Australia by destroying the very system that supports their craft. Lockout laws are a government con in order to rape the community even more than what they are doing at present.
Governments have become nothing more than a poisons cattle tick on society, dreaming up ways to inflict “conflict” on its servants in order to further destroy the will of people.
You don’t have to be a fool to see the destruction of the Australian Industry sector from Whitlam to now, after signing the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome in 1973. No wonder the VATICAN is full of Gold, it is the GOLD of the people taken from them by such a foreign treaty, handing the administration of our country to such dogs of society that are raping and destroying the people of Australia.
In reality, Australians and Queenslanders must become aware of and re-think the type of government we now have after “Whitlam” sold Australia out to the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, in 1973, handing all administration over to the control of the foreign VATICAN debtors, such as the UNITED STATES corporations and its UN international Monetary System. While Australians are subject to a government that is registered to a Foreign State, we will never be free to prosper. Every person serving the government is serving a foreign corporate entity, and no matter how much they try to correct the situation, the foreign owner’s (Private Banks) of such a governments will only have their own interest at hand, at the expense of the wealth of the Australian and Queensland people.
It is treason to serve a foreign entity against the people of a country. Treason is a serious crime.
Those who serve the Queensland and Australian foreign governments registered to such a foreign state/district, should start being very careful of where they stand when the greater public become aware of the truth of what Whitlam signed Australia over to in 1973 and who such foreign corporate government servants, serve.

Dick Yardley answers a question in relation to Treason and Treachery:


Dick Yardley is a well known and respected researcher in relation to the validity of true de-jure governments of Australia and their foreign quasi political copies. I put a question to Dick in relation to treason, relating to the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, signed by Whitlam in 1973. The United States, signed their sovereignty over in 1964 just after the Kennedy Murder. I will include the first part of his email, my question and than his response backed up by some disturbing facts.

Special thanks to Dick Yardley for the years of research and devotion he has made in order to shed light onto such deceptions perpetrated against normal working Australian people by a corrupt deceptive judiciary.


My Response to this statement:

Isn’t it funny how the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome was also signed by Whitlam in 1973, giving the equity of Australia a the Private Contracting system of Rome… Could anyone involved with their foreign Courts and their false corporate foreign registered governments be deemed as treasonous? …


It appears that the lies by the Judiciary and their quasi foreign administration companies passing themselves off as Governments, in order to hide such a deception against the Australian people, will end badly for those that have knowingly upheld such a deception.

Re: Grammatical Deceptions:

In relation to Gramma, I am not sure who underlined some parts of the sentence, however, the underlining grammatically “italics” such underlined text. Italics removes such text from the page, (Stand out, or from another source) rendering such a sentence as having a different meaning that what may be assumed by the ignorant. Were the underlines added to the constitution after it was written? because by adding an underline under parts of the text grammatically changes the text from the original meanings by grammatically removing such underlined words. If a man is not aware of the grammatical difference, such a man may not “notice” such a grammatical change and assume that such a constitution has not been altered. An added underline will grammatically change a sentence, so the question would be, who and when were underlines added to the constitution, for such underlines may be a cunning way to deceive the masses in order to gain a false impression of a true fact.

Could this be a way to murder the ignorant but to completely dismiss the one who holds the ability to be aware of the grammatical difference between the true fact and the ignorant presumption?

Lucifer, real meanings of the Words:



Lucifer appears to mean “Lying Text”, being related to a writing that can be assumed to read something other than what is truly grammatically and factually proper English text. The grammatical research undertaken by Rohan and I, in relation to the true correct meanings of words and symbols used by Western Governments, has truly opened a can of worms for such a corrupted elite that conduct such grammatical deceptions over the masses in order to gain arbitrary control over such masses.

DOG-LATIN, is a “Debased” form of Latin according to the Legal and English Dictionaries. The very word “debased” means “immoral” and  “criminal” confirming such Dog Latin text to be that deriving from Lucifer.

Rohan Lorian, explains the Dog Latin, fraud and its relationship to the underworld of Lucifer.

Are you a “Mr” or “Mrs” or “Miss”? than you really are a DEAD Military Account with no rights to any form of Justice. You are bound by orders of the higher ranking officer… You are no longer public.

This clip by Rohan Lorian, that holds no Surname or military account, explains more of the research relating to why Queenslanders, Australians and so many other people from the Western World, have lost any rights to “Justice”

Thanks to Rohan for sharing such research relating to the Military Accounts of the western governing system. Are such military accounts real or are they private mercenary accounts that you have been deceived into holding without your knowledge?


Rohan Lorian: Queensland Police Fraud:

Queensland Police, violating the “Uniform Military Code”, by forcing a Christian into standing as the State owned SURNAME being the “Roman” military account: “Debtor of the State” by Terrorism, Threats and Violence. Threats were also made against Rohan’s liberty, even violating the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, Articles. This video gives a true account of the ignorant conduct of State Police in Australia and more than likely, it is probably an example of how all UNIDROIT officers conduct their affairs against all corporate citizens of registered companies registered to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION: WASHINGTON DC: District of Columbia.

The officer that threatened Rohan Lorian for “Stalking” in the later part of this video (MCLEISH) is the same officer that charged: “Romley Stewart”, for stalking four police officers that also entered Romley’s home without any arrest warrants. Romley suffered many nights in the watch-house, suffered a beating so bad that he was urinating blood for over two weeks, also drugged in the Watch house before appearing in their court, he suffered the loss of four cars, even though all paperwork that identified the legal title of such automobiles to be with the State, the police ignored all paperwork, ignored all notices and when the Magistrates could not uphold police charges because the Police did not follow proper police protocol, such police resorted to Threats of violence, death threats, threats of imprisonment and unlawful imprisonment, threats to other members of Romley’s family and false charges leading to many nights spent in the prison cells waiting for court hearings without any proper lawfully signed paper.

This video is real footage of such an account relating to Rohan Lorian.

Notes on the GLOSSA, being the ALL UPPERCASE TEXT appearing on/in Court, police, banking and Government Documents:

It has also come to our attention since this video was published, that the corruption in the GLOSSA, is not the GLOSSA itself, even though the GLOSSA has no jurisdiction with the English text appearing on such a document housing both languages, it has been discovered that the poisonous text is now know as the criminal and immoral debased Latin identified as: DOG-LATIN: (Blacks Law Dictionary, 4th Edition). The GLOSSA identified in Article 11:147, of the Chicago Manual of Styles, is the proper hyphenated all uppercase text operating under the grammatical rules of Latin. The DOG-LATIN is Latin that operates under the grammatical rules of English, rendering it as a corruption of both English and Latin. It is also know as Babylonian and it was the language of the Roman Empire, being the debtor-servant of the Vatican.

You will notice that the Governments of the foreign VATICAN violently enforces Driver Licenses, Passports, Bank cards, banking accounts, and all your “so called” identification instruments to the States, rendered in the criminal  DOG-LATIN, in order to destroy your standing with the true God (Genesis: 1: 26) and such a declension forced upon you has destroyed your ability to claim any form of human rights or common law rights, as displayed in this video. You become subjected to the mercy of the foreign UNIDROIT Officers of the Roman Empire owned STATE, (Treaty of Rome) subject to the private contracts of privately owned corporate banking governments such as the UNITED STATES and its “Western”subdivisions such as AUSTRALIA and CANADA etc.

All corporate citizens have no rights! and in Queensland, such evidence is also found in Article 3 (a) & (b) of the corporate QUEENSLAND Constitution. A QUEENSLAND Person has no rights. State citizens have no rights! Grammatically: “QUEENSLAND” is not “Queensland” and any citizen of “QUEENSLAND” is no longer a “Queenslander” and that is how the grammatical deception works.




SLAVERY or Servitude by consent?

Rohan Lorian discusses the birth certificate and how one has become subject to the Masters of Slavery by ones own consent. A military Account is servitude, to serve, and to serve is simply slavery and if you agree to be a “Mr, or a Miss, being military appointments, you are claiming by your own consent, to be in a military servitude standing, however, if such a servant was deceived into such a standing without his/her knowledge, was it consent or was it a deception, being a fraud? Once a man agrees to be the SLAVE, he loses all rights and legally becomes dead, handing all his equitable rights over to the master, being the one that offered such a man the right to be a SLAVE. Modern day slavery is confirmed by the “Legal Title Holder” rendering and confirming an act of legally agreed servitude. The grantor of such a legal title of property becomes the master of such a title and the equitable owner of such property and the one accepting such a legal title becomes the “holder” (A holder is a trustee) of such a legal title. (Split title is divide and conquer) If the holder (Legal title holder) wants to hold the Equity as well, he must apply (Beg) for a license and if the master grants such a license, such a legal title holder also gets to hold the equity (Rights to the property), however, at any time, the master may have a clause whereas the master can revoke the license, rendering the equity to be legally and lawfully ceased (Returned) by the master, leaving the servant SLAVE to cover the legal expense as well as lose his right to the property he assumed that he owned. Such property (Equity) was never owned by the legal title holder.

The master of a “subdivision entity” may also be a SLAVE to a greater master such as the Vatican and the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is the master to its subdivision entities such as Government departments, however, remains as the SLAVE to the VATICAN, where as the VATICAN is the Master of the Roman Empire, it is the SLAVE of “man”. Christ is the attorney between man and the VATICAN and without Christ, man may not be served by the Beast VATICAN. Christ may very well be the Vatican because Christ died for man, the VATICAN is the DEAD SLAVE SERVANT of man but if you hold any form of account, even a driver license, that renders your own standing as a SLAVE of the Roman Empire, and you are many degrees in death, lower than living man. You can not be man if you hold any account or privilege or legal title in any way or form, however, if you hold no legal title, your hold absolute equity (Authority) over all of the property of the VATICAN, as strange as this may seem.

This is how people lose their cars, homes, land etc. The act of “registration” gives such property (Equity) to the foreign Roman Empire in order that such an empire can offer you legal title for such property you “registered” with them, however, the roman Empire, disguised and passed itself off as your true lawful common law government, when in fact, the trick was right under your nose. “UNITED STATES” is not “United States”, and “AUSTRALIA” is not “Australia” … A simple grammatical trick to deceive the plebs into becoming the dogs of the higher grammatically educated society.

The act of being a SLAVE is dangerous if your master is dangerous because the SLAVE is totally at the whim of his/her master so if you don’t know who your master is, than you may be in for a dangerous ride into the legal depths of hell.


The other great danger for the Roman Empire, are the Goon Dogs, being the Roman Empire Military Police, that proceed with an action against the master via stupidity and ignorance of their own codes. This is identified when a Police Officer forces a charge against a military account that can not be properly confirmed. The Police Officer that serves the foreign Roman Empire, (State Police) being a corporation with its name rendered in DOG-LATIN, (UNITED STATES or AUSTRALIA or CANADA etc.) that fails to back down when all protocol expires in relation to securing the correct identification of its relating military accounts within the society such a police officer serves. Such protocols (Statutes) are their to protect the SERVANT from the Master because when the SERVANT turns on the Master, the SERVANT has no ability to defend and becomes subject to the will of the master. This is why the Magistrate (Master) in the Roman Empire Courts, holds the final say against the Goon Dog Officer, being anyone identified as a citizen of such a military society such as a citizen of the UNITED STATES, or its subdivisions such as AUSTRALIA or CANADA etc. The Master, being the Magistrate of their Court (Tribunal) serves his master, being the grantor of equity, who is really you, but only if you remain in the standing of the master and did not fall for the trick, being the grammatical deception that has deceived the peoples of nation after nation after nation over thousands of years.

pic 102

The masters of Australia and the United States of America and all other Western countries are not from such countries, they are the foreign corporate entities subject to the Vatican, the Roman Empire, they are the serpents from the sea, international maritime law. The official language of the VATICAN is “Ancient Latin” found on the High Court in Washington, (Notice the mark between each all uppercase text [Word] or more correctly identified as a SIGN or SYMBOL) The Roman Empire official language is Babylonian, being “DOG-LATIN” being Latin text operating under the grammatical rules of English Text. Its also called “Debased Latin” being identified as criminal and immoral under the English Dictionaries. Those whom hold the military accounts of the Roman Empire, identified by the DOG-LATIN text, are the true Goon Dogs of Society, they are the ones that have left their own countrymen in order to serve the foreign state against their own countrymen and such a standing, if operated out side the relating uniform military codes of engagement, can incur serious charges relating to treason against such a military account holder.


Take notice, (US High Court) the mark between the signs (Latin text)  This is the Vatican Ancient Latin Text, (Official language of the Vatican), where as the Roman Empire operates in DOG-LATIN Text, (Babylonian) being Latin ALL UPPERCASE TEXT “without” the hyphen between the signs. Dog Latin is the text language of Babylon, it is not Latin or English, it is the presumption of law, it is the assumed contract that doesn’t really exist, it is void from the beginning, it is an agreement only and such agreements are only agreed by the two parties that agree that such a debased text is valid, however, without agreement, it is nothing, its a fiction but remains subject to real English and may even be subject to Ancient Latin. Be warned, If an agreement has been reached via ignorance of your own ability to read the difference between such text, such ignorance can not save you from such an agreement. Ignorance is no defence. The three languages such as: ANCIENT-LATIN, and Babylonian: DOG LATIN and Common Law English, sets in place the hierarchy of the trinity, the master, the servant and the slave. The Grantor, the Vessel and the Vassal and where you stand my very well depend on your own ability to know the difference between three very separate languages, even though they appear as so very similar on paper.




TERROR, Used to Enforce False Grammar on Government Documents.

Three court charges relating to “Driving Without a License” were left at large and I was released from the watch house and let go home, no charge for driving without a license. The reason why the charges were never followed up was because the Magistrate could not comment on the validity of such a Queensland Driver License, appearing with a so called name appearing in ALL UPPERCASE TEXT. Questions relating to such an all uppercase text left the Magistrate in a situation legally known as an “ESTOPPEL BY CONDUCT” where the Governing Corporation could not answer a question in fear of destroying itself.

The Queensland Police became so angry at losing in court, and then being subject to a damage account that they refused to pay, tried another line of terror, and charged me with Stalking Police, Firearm Charges, Terrorism charges and threatened my life and made threats against my daughters that if I didn’t comply with their authority, I would not know what hit me. I was bashed to the point of urinating blood, my daughters were charged with criminal offences however, the Magistrates dropped all charges, against my daughters, they had become aware of the Police threats. I was drugged in the Watch House before a Court Hearing, and when I finally got to Court charged with such terrible criminal charges, in the end, Magistrate Comens, refused to sign the Court Order, where the Police wanted a gag order on publishing the research relating to why the Queensland Driver License was assumed as VOID by the Courts.

Here is the Police Document that was handed to me but no one would comment on why the Magistrate refused to sign it, or explain why no registry number existed, or any persons name appeared. The Queensland Police are now admitting that police have the right to arrest a QUEENSLAND citizen without warrant. In relation to all the times I have been arrested, not one lawfully signed warrant was ever produced. After the Court Hearing relating to Stalking and firearms, I have received no fine, no court order, no bill, nothing. It just stopped.

Here is the charge sheet in all its mistakes. Just to remind the reader, no facebook post identified the address or phone contact of any Police Officer!, the comments made by other people on such posts related to the police Conduct in relation to the terrible behaviour of their own officers. I posted no threats against any officers and that was also determined in court by the Magistrate. The firearms were my grandfathers and ranged between 1920 and 1952 in age, never been fired for 40 years, and left to me after my father passed away a year ago. I have received no charge or fine.


Contains DOG-LATIN, all uppercase text, the Magistrate refused to confirm if the DOG-LATIN was proper English. The reason I pleaded guilty to all charges was because I could not see any charge written on the charge sheet appearing in proper English. Grammatically, the charge sheet, like the sheet above, was totally grammatically false.

No Registry Number,

No proper names appearing as proper nouns,

No identification or signature of Magistrate COMENS.

No signature of any authorizing member of the Police or the Court
There is no such address as “5 Shedian Street CAIRNS QLD 4870”
Even the street name was incorrect, the real street name is: “Sheridan” St., not “Shedian” St., spelt in such a way in order to create a totally false document that read nothing in any way.
And yet I was bashed by Queensland Police Officers to a point of urinating blood for two weeks, had my cars stolen by Police and never returned, locked in the watch house for many nights, my life and the safety of my family threatened by the Cairns CIB branch MCLEISH and arresting officers and prison guards, had my children threatened, threatened to have my head smashed against the wall by watch house guards, threatened with ten years imprisonment if I didn’t shut up or if I kept posting such information on “facebook” and advertised as the face of terror by Channel Seven and ABC news by Police and James Thomas, a journalist that is aware of the research relating to the Grammatical Deception and the False ABN’s of the Queensland Justice Department….  This document is what I received from all that I have suffered in order to expose the “grammatical” truth about the foreign  Courts, the Police and the Government running Queensland and Australia under a grammatical deception today. The Queensland Driver License (And all State Foreign Corporate Licenses) is the most dangerous document you can hold that destroys your lawful standing as a true Queenslander and Australian. It identifies you as a foreign debtor company deriving from the District of Columbia UNITED STATES. Washington DC. Administered by UNIDROIT Rome. Queensland Police have become nothing more than foreign Terrorists enforcing a foreign private fraudulent contract upon the sovereignty of Queensland.  Keep in mind that before I was subject to this attack from the Queensland Police and the Queensland Government, I had no criminal record, not even a drink driving charge.