Latin Translation, the Tool for Comprehending the Fraud in the Grammar…

University Of Notre Damn:

When using any English word, it is always best to check its Latin translation in order to fully understand what you are getting involved in. Just for example, the word “Company” translates into “Turba” and turba, means mob, and a mob is a gang of people with the intention to do wrong. When we think about the words: Corporate Citizen, is such a man agreeing to be a citizen simply agreeing to become a member of a company of criminals with the intention to do harm to the people of this world? because grammatically, that seems to be the written intention of any man that agrees to be annexed to a corporation or company. The word Corporation is also a “deadly” word because a corporation is a “corpus” that translates into a “carcass” or a “cadaver” meaning, a dead body! … The dead have no rights, they are bound by the Corpus Juries, (Terms of the agreed contract)

This all goes back to the: Justinian Deception, (Justinian, Roman Emporia “around” 530 – 560 AD) where man was deceived into the world of Private Contracts in order to forgo justice, and why no justice? because the DEAD have no rights, they are bound by the terms of such a contract, being the laws of the Corpus Juries, being the Justinian, code of the DEAD.

As you can see, entering into the world of Commerce is entering into the water world of the accounts of the DEAD-LEDGERS of the Roman Empire. Before any one enters the house of the dead, it would be a good move to understand such rules and the language (SIGNS) of such a dead house. the Latin grammatical translations gives you a better understanding of the English words used, such as “company” and “Corp” and even “Person” because, as you can see, such words may have a different meaning than what you may have always assumed.

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Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid, click on this link to find your way to the University of Notre Dame link.

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