An Explanation why there are Two Birthing Certificates, Two Worlds, Two Systems, Debtor and Creditor.

1: Two Universes in the One Country.

Rohan Lorian, explains the difference between the two Australia’s that exist and how to tell the difference between the two. One is “Australia” and the other is “AUSTRALIA“. The later appears in a foreign Sign language or Symbolic text, its also the style of text used for the “LEDGER” of an account being DOG-LATIN.  Even though two people are standing on the same land, same country, same town, one man may be in a totally different “Universe” to the other man standing next to him.

Are the people that we trusted the people that are destroying our common way of life? or is this the legacy of the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome signed over to the Vatican in 1973 by Gough Whitlam in 1973? … and were we ever informed? …


2:  Is the High Court really the High Court of Australia?


And this deception depends on your own ignorance to the English and Latin written languages…




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