How to Find the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corporation. Corporate Deceptions.

(Clip 1) How to Find the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA company

The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA can be found on the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, Washington DC, District Of Columbia, under company search. Such a company is no different to any other private company listed on the USSEC. It is a private foreign contracting debtor company serving as the debtor for the Australian Public. If you are a Citizen of such a foreign corporate company, acting as a “debtor” of the “debtor” of the people of Australia, you are legally assumed as a “Citizen” of the foreign company that you may have assumed to be Australia. You are no longer legally assumed as the Public office holders of the real Australia, you become legally “assumed” as the debtor of the foreign corporate AUSTRALIA that is the property of the UNITED STATES, and not the property of the Australian People…

The people of the Real: “United States of America“, may also have fallen for such a deception, believing that the “UNITED STATES” (Company) is the real: United States of America. Both the United States of America and Australia, have been “signed” up to the foreign UNIDROIT treaty of Rome, dealing with the shipping contracting laws that govern private contracts.

(Clip 2) Money or Nothing?

Money is Gold or Silver, something of value within itself, however, “Dollars” are Debt Notes or military or company scrip, (Internal banking notes) that represent the gold or silver, being the true money, but it is only the promise to pay, the real property still remains in the hands of the people that hold the equity and supplied such relating dollar banking notes, it is not the gold or silver, its a debt note. Holding any account appearing as a LEDGER in the dead DOG-LATIN written language of such a LEDGER, renders you as the debtor of the account one holds.


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