Thoughts on Artificial Persons and Natural Persons and “Split Title” Secret of the Beast.

Justinian Deception:

Some Words: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery Through Split Title. Divide and Conquer, divide a man into two titles in order that the Jesuit Vatican Control System can gain total control? Deception for Corporate Slavery…

Artificial Person, Natural Person and Split Title: Where do you Stand? . . . Are such two elements really the split of the one?
A thousand pages of writing can explain the difference between the artificial person and the natural person (Human’s) but are there any pages that explain the difference in how the two entities stand, in a practical sense? After reading all this information on the difference between the natural and artificial persons? What one are you? because you can only be one or the other… The Adam and Eve code explains this clearly, Tree of life or tree of knowledge, Did Eden come with a choice of two LEDGERS? and was Adam given the choice, debtor or creditor? but he was warned that one will join the ranks of the dead once you choose to eat the fruit of the tree (House) of knowledge. (Hold the LEGAL-TITLE-LEDGER) This same “Split title” is also explained in the New Contract (NEW TESTAMENT) where Christ is split into two entities on the Cross (Cross over from the Old Testament to the New Testament) by the Roman “Holy Lance, Power of Rome” splitting man into being blood and water. (Split Title, a Trust arrangement,  Blood, law of the land, common law, Water, law of the Sea, maritime law) Do you see why there are two names now? (Name “and” Surname) and two birthing certificates being the: Credit LEDGER and Debtor LEDGER, and Christ’s death on the Crossover point from the old system to the new system, was the remedy in order to save man from being the debtor in the new contract (NEW TESTAMENT) but only if such a man can “Read the Signs” and live by the code of Christ in order that Christs name (Your Christian name only) can save you from the dead world of Private Contract Military Maritime Roman Law, being the law of water.
So what is the trick in order to: know how to stand in the correct standing on the “flat earth” of paper contracts? How do you stand as the natural person and not the artificial person?. Is one a proper noun and the other a symbol? such as “John Paul Smith” and “JOHN PAUL SMITH” .. ??? Many may assume this but I don’t think so! its a bit more secret and complex! … If there are two standings in relation to “split title”, there must be two relating LEDGERS! … being the creditor LEDGER and the debtor LEDGER one would assume… (Choice is yours if you comprehend the system of Christ) remember, the Person must have a proper name identified as a “noun” and this is backed up by the Oxford Styles Manual. The “name” of the person is the “account” and every account has the LEDGER and if you are the “holder” of the LEDGER, you, and your dominion birth right, become the “trustee” of the debt of the account-person attached to it.
The dirty trick is to attach the debtor LEDGER to the creditor name without the creditor ever comprehending what has happened. this is the “deception” in order to deceive the creditor and the beneficiary into settling his own accounts from his own blood, sweet and tears and allowing the first debtor to escape his duty to settle the accounts of the creditor! …. so the Natural Person would be the original creditor and the Artificial Person is the debtor, so if I was the first trustee-debtor, being the VATICAN that holds the legal titles of man and I have agreed to settle the debts of the world for the creditor, (Natural person) than to deceive the creditor into paying his own debts would leave me, as the first agreed debtor, with no debt but still enjoying the compensation fee’s for acting as the first debtor! … and I, as the first debtor, being the VATICAN, would become the richest corporation in the World! on the back of the deceived! …. lol …. Hang on? hasn’t that already happened??? …
So what is the Natural person and the artificial person? Re: the sample: “John Paul of the Smith Heritage” and just what do they look like on paper?
I assume that this may be an educated answer that you must research yourself, however, I present this “interesting” theory so here it is!
Notice this, just by going by the facts in relation to what exists on your Certificates of Birth (There are two certificates issued from the State) and even appearing on your baptismal certificate, your Christian name is: “John Paul” (The Surname or family name is no part of you proper full name)
And on the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH (Certificate of the birth of the Christian LEDGER on the registration date) appears another name rendered as a proper noun: “John Paul Smith”… (But this name appears in the margin, identifying the Registrar General as the Custodian (Trustee) of the “John Paul Smith” proper noun-name) … see, its all there for you to see.
There they are! the natural person is “John Paul” and the artificial person is: “John Paul Smith“… notice, not “John Paul” and “Smith”, but “John Paul” and “John Paul Smith
Notice! … The “name” is the proper noun but the “LEDGER” of the name is the GLOSSA or ALL-CAPS-DEAD-DOG-LATIN-FOREIGN-DEBTOR-TEXT-LANGUAGE.

The LEDGER’s (Being the tomb stone) being the accounts of the dead.

Also take notice: “This is the written language of the natural person” and “THIS IS THE FOREIGN DOG-LATIN WRITTEN LANGUAGE OF THE ARTIFICIAL PERSON, BEING THE HOLDER TRUSTEE OF THE DEAD LEDGER“.  It also appears as the written language of the UN and the EU and the UNIDROIT members of the Treaty of Rome. (Roman Empire) “THIS-(Hyphenated)-TEXT-IS-PROPER-LATIN-SIGN” (Language of the VATICAN)

How the Ledgers Appear:

The Ledger of “John Paul” is: “JOHN PAUL” being in reality (Proper Latin) two ledgers “Dead signs” but birthed on the same date.. (JOHN and PAUL) … Also notice this, remember the Latin Rules, JOHN and PAUL, when appearing in Sign Language based on Latin Grammar, must have hyphens between the SIGNS in order to join the signs to form a sentence, (Check: Chicago Manual of Styles: Article 11:147 Sixteenth Edition) in order to make the proper name JOHN-PAUL, but that is not important in this matter.
The Ledger of “John Paul Smith” is “SMITH” being the ledger birthed on the Born Date but what the STATE is trying to do is get you to assume the attachment of the “SMITH” ledger to your Christian name: “John Paul” and every time you see the name: “John Paul SMITH” the STATE has deceived you into SLAVERY Your “consent” has been gained by your own ignorance of the very written text used on the contracts you ignorantly agreed to SIGN… The true trustee of SMITH is the STATE owned name: “John Paul Smith”, not the Christian name: “John Paul” !!! … The STATE has conferred (Posted) its LEDGER to your one and only true Christian name and if you can not read the SIGN, and you don’t know your own name, you have become the trustee of your own dominion, you are no longer the Equitable holder of your own dominion, your own “birth right”… The trustee deceived it from you under the old Roman maxim: let those who be deceived, be deceived.
It seems like a joke at first but in reality, this is how the “corporate” STATE assumes the right to murder its own people because such people gave their consent to be the property and chattels of the STATE without knowing the danger of what they were being “deceived” into consenting to.
If you hold any account or bank card or License with your name appearing rendered in the all uppercase grammatically corrupt and foreign to English text known as DOG-LATIN, text of ROME (UNIDROIT Treaty-Roman Empire), you are no longer free, you have become “attached” to the foreign Roman administration “accounting” system of the Roman Empire, being all the nations that have signed the UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome. U.S.A. in 1964, Australia in 1973 etc. You are attached to the property of Rome, the Antichrist. You are legally DEAD and are void of the ability to direct your dominion in relation to you own Birth Right given to you by the true Christ. The fact that you hold such an account rendered in the foreign text language of Rome, is all the evidence they need to assume that you have “consented” to be the DEAD-SLAVE LEDGER holder of the VATICAN and its debtor: The Roman Empire.

The next time you claim that you are free, check your “Driver License” and if your name or any part of your name or address appears in: Dog Latin (ALL UPPERCASE TEXT), you will now understand why the Police, the Bankers, the Courts and your “assumed” representatives from Government, are laughing at you and ignoring you. You are nothing but their UNIDROIT-GOON-DOG-SLAVE, under your own application of consent in relation to whatever STATE account you applied to hold, such as a State Driver License. The “US” is foreign to the “U.S.A.” The US is the SLAVE Administrator of the people, so if you claim to be the US CITIZEN, you are just a foreign Roman administrator of you own country and you no longer have a right to be on your own land without “license”. You see…. It’s just ignorance to Grammar in the end… “THIS DOG-LATIN TEXT IS NOT ENGLISH” but you were fooled into “assuming” it to be so…  It is the written language of the UNIDROIT ROMAN EMPIRE, and your attachment to it renders you as their DOG-SLAVE’s.

If you can read “SIGN” you know the difference between a name and a LEDGER.
So just a recap of this “presumption”:
The LEDGER of the Christian account: “John Paul” appears as: “JOHN PAUL” Birthed on the Registration date…
The LEDGER of the Surname account: “John Paul Smith” is: “SMITH” Birthed on the born date…
Both “names” being: “John Paul” and “John Paul Smith“, are the property of the VATICAN but one has the rights over the VATICAN as the “remedy” and the other is subject to the demands of the VATICAN as the debtor… (To serve the public) Split Title is splitting “one” into  two, being a Debtor and a Creditor, then deceiving the creditor into “assuming” the roll of debtor… Simple really, but it takes a lot of distraction and deception to maintain such a scam.
The Deception/Trick:
So when the “so called” name appears on anything such as “JOHN PAUL SMITH”, the ignorant, will assume that it is a reflection of their “assumed” proper “full” name: “John Paul Smith” and in their own ignorance and self pride, they will fall into legal death under the control of the one who created and “granted” the artificial person: “John Paul Smith” being the VATICAN (Subjecting themselves to the power of the Holy Lance, being Rome or the now UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome and private contracts) (America Signed in 1964 and Australia signed in 1973 by: Whitlam.

Your real lawful “full name” is your Christian name only, such as: “John Paul” there is no grammatical evidence that you were given any other “name” apart from your Christian or given name. Your family or heritage or surname is “assumed”, its not a part of your “name”

The whole system comes into being on your birth: registration date because there is no registered “Dominion” (Security over your God given dominion share of EDEN-Earth) until the Christian name is confirmed and the dominion granted to the STATE on the registration date. When the Christian name is attached to the STATE, (Such as “John Paul Smith”) the STATE becomes the legal title holder and only then can the STATE attempt to “confer” the legal title debts of the STATE back to your true name: “John Paul”, being the ignorant grantor of the dominion in the very first place, the words say it, the dominion is held in reserve, by the STATE-Rome, in case the debtor does not pay and then the STATE has consented access to your dominion (Land-Birth right) and then “assumes” the right to take your lands and property.
When the fool claims the “assumed” full name that includes the family name as a part of the Christian name, the STATE really only wants the “debtor” half of ones LEDGER. The ignorant and unaware people that will fall for such a trick, hook line and sinker, even screaming at the people that have tried to warn them that they are falling into a trap! … But the ignorant masses are too “distracted” and engrossed in their own pride and their own importance in order to see and comprehend the deception-trick. The “SURNAME” holding masses are the lunatic’s but when there are so many lunatic’s, such lunatics just may appear to be normal to each other and the small number of ones that see the light of the scam, become the “assumed” lunatic crazy ones.
This is where millions of people read the thousands of pages of information that define the difference between the Natural person and the artificial person but so very few pages, if any, define how to decipher the difference in “standing” as the natural or artificial person, leaving the masses to assume that their proper name is “John Paul Smith”, being the name copyrighted and created by the STATE, when it was the State that attached the Family and Christian names together in order to create the Artificial person: “John Paul Smith“. Your true full name is only the given or Christian name, “John Paul”.

Conflict means destruction and destruction means debt.

This deceptive split title system has a double effect as well, it creates the “conflict” being “war” needed for the military STATE to enact the US MILITARY CODE that turns the deceived public into the Belligerent Enemy of the foreign STATE debtor when such a public can’t understand why their “Natural Person” rights have been violated by the STATE, when in fact, they were never standing under their natural person, giving the STATE (VATICAN) the “Legal” right to plunder the Dominion of the Public, as it has always done, being the biblical Nephilim, the Giants, the DEAD-CORPORATIONS, where men have interbred with such giant corporations and become dead “Corporate Citizens“, alien to the living man and that speak in their DOG-LATIN Babylonian deceptive lie language that has no jurisdiction with the living.
No matter how many documents one reads, without the comprehension of what written language defines the standing between the two entities, such as natural and artificial, its all just pissing into the wind. (Sorry for such words)
Do you think they would ever just say: “If you hold the Christian Name, you remain as the “natural person” and retain all your God given rights as the creditor” .. ha ha ha … no way! … we need the ignorant fools that hate the bible, that hate what is just and right and that love conflict and fighting because they are the ones that will pick up the rubbish on Tuesday, they serve the true public as legal slaves! ..  The STATE is just as ignorant as the fools that serve it. They are the Dog Slaves as well…
So I assume that the Artificial Person, is the one that belongs to the STATE of the VATICAN. The Natural Person, given to us as the Christian name, is the beneficiary of the VATICAN … The natural and the artificial person is the choice made by the one man, it is the split title of the man that offers the choice of being the debtor or creditor of a society, but the comprehension of such a system in order to “stand” as the creditor is deep and complex. If we were all creditors, there would be no slaves to serve such creditors.

A “presumption” of what the Nephilim Giants may really be:

The Nephilim, is the offspring of the “son” of God, meaning the third corporate dead party, the “person” being the “corporation”. They were deemed giants because they were corporations and had great corporate power and wealth in numbers like a massive “gang of thugs“, like the US Military?, being the Nephilim that enforces the will of the Giant! but in order to subdue such a giant, I guess you just read “David and Goliath” in order to know how to deal with such a “giant”, you lob a rock at its “Head” .. (Header?) destroy its heading? .. destroy its validity? ….. send it a notice from its creator-master? …  I assume that the VATICAN is the first “modern day” giant Nephilim but without its creator (Director) and master, (Man) it can’t exist… Only the VATICAN created the Person, so the VATICAN must be the God of the Nephilim.

Be Aware of the Egyptian Gods, they are alive and well in the dead symbolic world of today, they are the “codes” to modern day slavery. Such Gods control the symbolic world of the DEAD, being the holders of the LEDGER, the corporate contracts. their symbols are everywhere if you just take the time to look.

Now I think I understand why one must be aware of all the Gods .. I “assume” the God: DAGON (Fish God) is the “legal title holder” of the souls of man … DAGON is the VATICAN, (Fish hat) a body with its arms and legs cut off such as a fish .. It can not respond to its master… “man” and its director “Christ”
The Falcon Bird, is, I assume, the God: Horus, being the UNITED STATES Military, God of War, and the Eye of Horus appears on the Dollar US FEDERAL RESERVE note, (Military Scrip) but it appears that such Gods have become the Legal Title Holders of the dominions of Man, leaving man as still the Director and grantor of such false Gods and such dominion, but only on the condition that you have not been deceived into the world of the dead, assumed missing at sea and if you hold the wrong Person and wrong Ledger, you no longer exist as the assumed Living man,….. Remember, Christ saved us through his “name” within the dead world of the new testament. Christ rendered the STATE or VATICAN as the trustee of the Christian LEDGER …But if you hold the wrong LEDGER, you become the SLAVE-Trustee of the STATE.
If the STATE becomes so powerful, what can stop it from turning on its Master, the natural person, as what has happened too many times in history…
I would assume that the natural person is the Christian account… (Christian name) being the creditor and not the debtor account.
I assume that the Artificial person is the debtor account and if the STATE attaches the LEDGER of the debtor account on to your true name, by your own agreement (Consent), you are no longer assumed as the creditor of Rome…. Your attachment to their LEDGER via a deception is their dirty trick that renders you into the dead chattel property of the STATE being Rome and is also possibly the way they are going to achieve their NEW WORLD ORDER, being a new version of Hitler or Stalin but on a world scale, being a truly scary account to deal with. GOVERNMENT-STATES have murdered more people in the world than any other thing. Lucifer is the deceiver and anyone that serves Lucifer is already dead…

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